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That latest naruto manga has me on the edge of my seat… but it also has me a bit disappointed. What is going on?!

Only 2 weeks left!

but we’re still on the fight? Although it makes sense that the fight has to draw to a close soon what about all the rest of the naruto conflicts? How will they be resolved with only 2 weeks meaning 32 pages left! HOW? Also the fight was just a bunch of overhyped attacks.

I liked it a bit that naruto and saskue cut the bullshit and said fuck it, why bother doing some baby attacks when we can just finish this here and went to their one hit KO’s.

Saskues was cool with his Indra’s arrow able to stop TWO tailed beast rasenshuriken. Remember the rasenshurkien is supposed to be able to attack to cells of the enemy!

That’s another thing that bothers me about all mangas! The attacks just keep getting powered up to the point where the original attack seems worthless. I feel bad for the rasengan and chidori, which were amazingly powerful attacks that 99% of the ninja world can’t counter.

However, that is how we progress but what will happen now! Only 2 weeks left! I have this hope that make this was all a joke and some new villain will appear and it will be a segway into a new part 3 coming out next year! But then at the same time I am prepared for naruto and saskue to end so it would be a bummer!

What do you guys think?

How to Draw Anime Like Naruto Part 1

Hey guys,

This post is about going back to our roots and going back to what we all loved to do: DRAW Naruto!

For example


Now the above was clearly drawn by someone who isn’t the artist. So how do we draw something like that?

Hold your horses there bud! We have to go step by step!

Drawing Naruto Caricatures And Funny Faces

Ok so first things first lets learn how to draw funny Naruto!

Why? Funny Naruto doesn’t require many details! All it requires is a basic figure and your own imagination! You make it funny not anyone else. It’s your artwork!

For example, look at this

Do you see how it is not drawn to scale? It’s not exact! Thus, it is up to you!

So how exactly do we draw something like this? Well remember, again details are up to you! We just have to get the basic figure down!

  1. Draw a circle face for Naruto
  2. add the spiky yellow hair
  3. Remember the whiskers on the fact
  4. The large blue eyes
  5. the orange and blue clothing color scheme

Walah! You have a Naruto character that everybody and their mothers will recognize. Now how you make him funny is, again, up to you!

If you want more detail on how exactly to make these funny cartoons click on the heading title!

How to Create Naruto with Details

Now that we’ve had our fun it’s time to create our actual naruto! (or saskue, or sakura).

Now this is not as easy as it seems! We need a lot of work! We have to make all the details match up and get as close of an image as possible. It’s not something we get just by looking and drawing. We need guidance!

Visit InstantLion Learn How to Draw¬†and you’ll see a large site. Within this site navigate to drawing anime (or you can click this posts title and that’ll take you there). Then click on how to draw naruto.

The website above has endless tutorials on drawing naruto and saskue and all naruto characters! I highly, HIGHLY, recommend it. I’m not making any money off of this, it’s just my tip. Thats how I learned to draw naruto characters and this website will help!

I’ve drawn, now what?

Now send me your pictures! I want to create a gallery of all of our pictures so that in the future we can look back and reminisce and remind ourselves how awesome our childhood was because of Naruto!

Till Next Time!

Naruto ENDING?!

I’ve just read a recent post that says NARUTO IS ENDING?!?!?!?



wow. You know. naruto has been a part of my life forever and the fact that it’s going to end hurts. I remember I’ve been watching naruto since I was little. I used to watch it all English dubbed. HA!

As I grew I couldn’t wait and I moved to English translation and original anime. Still I caught up a lot but there was more. BTW the Original Non-dubbed anime is great. much better than the english one!

Then finally I made the move the Manga. It’s hard to believe but that was over 6 years ago. Wow. It’s finally coming to a close. Naruto got me through my weeks and I’m not sure what I’ll do now.

What about you? Any thoughts?

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